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Sabrina Culyba - Diatoms

September 22, 2023 Board Again Games Season 6 Episode 8
Board Again Gaming
Sabrina Culyba - Diatoms
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Show Notes

Diatoms was the 2023 Cardboard Edison Award winning game and we talk with designer and publisher Sabrina Culyba in this episode about why she decided to self-publish the game. We also talk about how math and art can intersect in the game and be a learning tool. 

Games mentioned in this episode: Diatoms, Azul, Sagrada

Essen 2023 booth # Hall 3 H115 and it's hosted by Dina Said So Studio

Diatoms Kickstarter:

Diatoms website:

 Carina Initiatives and the Astra Fund helped fund Diatoms:

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