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Kirsten Lunde - Ovation Board Game

July 10, 2023 Season 6 Episode 5
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Kirsten Lunde - Ovation Board Game
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Show Notes

Kirsten Lunde is a game designer and publisher who currently resides in New Zealand. We talk about the process of publishing and crowd funding her game Ovation as well as her upcoming version of the Ell Deck which will be mission based.   She talks about the community and support she gained in New Zealand, including lessons learned from designer Shem Phillips. We also talk about games that have influenced her as a designer. 

We also talk about the Shelf Care project on crowdfunding, and the people involved in making the project. 

You can find Ovation here:

Games mentioned in this episode:
Ovation, Gizmos, Kiitos, Hadrian's Wall, Regicide, Lindyhop, Concordia, Ell Deck.

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