Board Again Gaming

Dan Hughes - Coraquest

August 21, 2022 Board Again Games Season 4 Episode 7
Board Again Gaming
Dan Hughes - Coraquest
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Show Notes

We talk about the Muppets, being a parent, and games in this episode. Dan is the co-creator of Coraquest, with his daughter Cora. He is also a regular contributor to the Dice Tower, and has had several podcasts including Sporadically Board with Mike and Dan. 

Games mentioned in this episode: 
Coraquest, Village Green, Akropolis, Kingdomino, Nmbr9, Railways of the World, Wingspan, Calico, Next Station: London, Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden, Carnegie, Battle Lore, Memoir 44, Turing machine, Bolt Action, Heroes of Normandy, Flames of War, Undaunted

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